MY I.D. Welcomes Belinda Li To our Team

In March of 2022, MY I.D. welcomes Belinda Li a part of our Board of Directors.


Belinda Li is an experienced real estate agent, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Through her ability to understand and capture the latest trends, she was a top producer in 2021. Being native to Phoenix has aided in her success and the ability to satisfy her client's wants and needs.

Belinda began her journey into real estate by starting out as a teleservices consultant for Arizona Federal Credit Union. She has always wanted to help those around her whether it was resolving a complaint or assisting in financial hardships, in which she received consistent acknowledgement for the ability to help solve issues in a kind and timely manner.

In June of 2010, Belinda had her first job in the real estate world as a leasing agent for American Property Management.  She was determined to create relationships with people who were looking to lease a home of their own. She assisted the property in reaching their goal of 98% occupancy. With her communication skills, she aided residents with any issues with their homes, which also meant coming up with creative solutions. Her ability to think out of the box and her determination has paved the way for Belinda to be a successful realtor in Arizona. 

As years went on, Belinda walked away from the real estate sector because she did not yet know it was her passion. However, in late 2015, she began her journey again. Since then, Belinda has been a part of real estate, whether she was an agent, consultant, or investor. The journey she has had is what truly helped her create a "seamless, efficient, and awarding experience" as a real estate agent. 

Belinda has now extended her real estate experience to residential and commercial properties. Outside of her duties, she enjoys spending time with her 6 year old daughter, who is the cutest thing you will ever see. She practices wellness through yoga and spending time in nature.