It is our duty to God, our customers, partners, the Board of Directors, and most of all to the people we serve, to do be held accountable.

We are fully committed to being accountable and good stewards of the purchase you made to fund our work. By ordering from MY I.D., we ensure our profit that your purchases will be used for their intended purpose.

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Tax Information

MY I.D. is a C Corporation classified by the Internal Revenue Code. The tax ID number is 82-1499854

We try to practice standards of accountability that are above what may be required by the law. We also expect the same from all our partners. This includes everything from receipts for goods & services to timely and accurate reporting on work being done in the field.

MY I.D.'s five principles of partnership:
1. Always honest & open
2. Build trust
3. Stewardship of all God’s resources
4. True partnership
5. Accountability