Ingredient Dictionary


Contains Vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C, and catrotene. Aloe Barbadensis Juice has shown to soothe the skin and act as an anti-inflammatory agent as well as aid in the healing of wounds and scars. When applied to the skin, the aloe can block up to 30% of the UV rays and protects the skin from sun damage.


Butylene Glycol is commonly found in products such as shampoos, conditioner, and lotions. This is a conditioning agent and solved which adds a layer of softness and improve texture of skin or hair.


Caprylhydroxamic Acid is an amino acid derived from coconut oil. Commonly found in shampoos, conditioners and skincare. This ingredients helps preserve the products to increase shelf life.

Caprylic/Capric Glycerides is an ingredient used to help soothe the skin and provides antioxidants. It aids in the retention of water in the skin and diminishes the appearance of aging. This ingredient is also considered a preserviative to increase shelf life of the active ingredients.It can also be used to bind ingrerdients together, those of oil and water.

Citric acid is an exfoliant and creates a brigher skin tone. Citric acid also contains antioxidant properties. It is recommended to not use this ingredient on sensitive skin.

Cucumber extract is a suepr food for the skin. It is compsoed of proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. It aids int he natural shedding process of the skin and reduces the signs of aging. Cucumber extract is safe for sensitive skin and around the eyes.


Disodium EDTA aids in the prevention of deterioration of the skin and countersacts the effects of using hard water. This ingredient keeps the texture smooth and unwanted pH changes. It is commonly found in shampoos and conditioners.



Glycerin uses the air to draw out moisture and hydrate the skin. It is safe for all skin types and ages. Glycerin can help protect skin from enviornmental harm, sooth and smooth, and strengthen the mousture barrier of the skin. It is an important ingredient as it helps prepare the skin for other ingredients making it easier for other products to penetrate the skin.

Glycosyl Trehalose is derived from plants and fungi. It is used in both the food and cosmetics industry. Glycosyl Trehalose improves the moisture of skin by using its rehydrating and water binding properties when applied directly to the skin.


Hydrolyzed Soy Protein increases the skin's ability to retain moisture and creates a smoothing effect on the skin. This protein minimizes the appearance of roughness and wrinkles and has been seen to protect the skin from hormonal changes in the skin. It is known to be a "fountain of youth" ingredient.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is derived from wheat gluten and in rare cases, may cause dermititis for those with sensitive skin. However, there are up sides to this ingredient. It is the best pore minimizing ingredient and provides a precelain look with balanced moisture and nourishment.


Lecithin is commonly derived from sunflower seeds, eggs, or soybeans. It can make the skin feel smooth by adding and restoring hydration in the skin.


Niacinamide also goes by the name vitamin B3. This ingredient does wonders for the skin such as: minimizing the appearance of pores, erduced debris in pores, evening skin tone, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, brightening, strenghtens skin, barrier protection from enviormental damage, and repairs past damage. Niacinamide is suitable for all skin types and ages.


PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil is a mixture of synthetic polyethylene glycol (PEG) with castor oil and is safe for use. It aids in the softening of the skin and makes other oils easier to be washed off the skin. PEG-40 creates a layer on the skin to protect the skin from losing natural moisture.

Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract is derived from the fermentation os a marine bacteria that is known to live in the Antartic Ocean. This ingredient has anti-aging and skin-protecting properties. It ptoects and diminishes the redness on the skin due to cold weather. This fermented extract helps aid in the production of collagen and elastin by simulating the protein synthesis in the skin.


Saccharide Isomerate is a plant-derived ingredient carbohydrate complex. It has been shown to provide hydration to the skin for up to 72 hours. Studies show it can increase the production of hyaluronic acid by 66% which creates youthful and plumper skin. Another study shows that saccharide isomerate can reduce the appearance of wrinkles an fine lines by 80%.

Sodium Hyaluronate is molecularlly smalelr than hyaluronic acid and therefore, it can move more freely around the skin and can penetrate and hold onto water easily. Sodium Hyaluronate is the main ingredient in Restylane which is a filler used to reduce wrinkles and increase plumpness.

Miracle Berry Extract, also known as Synsepalum Dulcificum, has been used for centuries for not only health, but also for skin. This magical fruit has the capabilities to reduce the appearance of things like fine lines, dark spots, blemishes, redness, and dull looking skin. The miracle berry has naturally occurring palmitic acid, squalene, vitamin K1, linoleic acid, elemental silicon, polyphenols, and triterpenoids.


Triethanolamine helps balance the products pH so it does not make the pH of the skin fluctuate. It is commonly used to aid emulsion and theickening for products. It is commonly found in shaving cream, sunscreens, serums, and cleansers.

Tripeptide-1 is a peptide that teaches yoru skin how to repair damaged areas and to rebuild new, healthy skin.

Tripeptide-10 Citrulline aids in the production of collagen by sending signals to the skin. This peptide aslo regulates the formation of collagen fibers.


Xanthan Gum has been thought to bring hydration to the skin and is used for organic and natural skin care. It is used in many differnt industries in the world but mostly commonly in skin care.


2-Hexanediol can be an off putting name, but is is completely safe for skin. It has been shown to increase hydration and smoothing effects by creating a protective layer over the skin.