Our Mission

MY I.D. seeks to eliminate the cause of modern slavery. Our mission is to help heal survivors of human trafficking by finding hope, restoring dignity, and rediscovering their true selves. We are partnered with multiple facilities, local and international, that help rescue and rehabilitate human trafficking survivors.

MY I.D. 's purpose is to aid and support these individuals to help rebuild their lives as they rejoin society and provide them a better life. Our profits are donated to these organizations and we create strong, transparent relationships. With this, we can ensure they are provided with a secure relocation, therapy, education, and safety.

Our goal is to make an impact and invoke a social justice movement for this generation and to change the path of those to come. It is our obligation to take a stand against these crimes. We have put our children into a dangerous and cruel world. It is our responsibility to reconstruct it.

Our Partners

StreetLight USA

StreetLight USA is an organization that transitions young girls, who are survivors of commercial sex trafficking, from Trauma to Triumph. Streetlight gives these young girls a trauma-informed environment home where they can promote the modulation of the nervous system and increase the sense of physical, emotional calm, and safety. Streetlight also gives these survivors an enhanced trauma-informed service called “Lighted Path”. With this, the girls are given pastoral care which includes counseling sessions, support groups, and church services to help trauma within the girls through faith.

Phoenix Dream Center

The Phoenix Dream Center was founded in 2002 by an Outreach Ministry. They are on a mission to end not only human trafficking, but also end childhood hunger and educate tomorrow's leaders. The Dream Center helps those who are lost form a healthy bond with Jesus Christ to aid in answering some of life's hardest troubles while finding a path that leads to an abundant life. The Dream Center is primarily ran with volunteers and 100% of all financial donations go directly to their services.

Rescue Her

Located in Texas, Rescue Her has "been empowering, supporting, and praying for the ONE" for over 10 years. Rescue Her specializes in crisis response and empowerment. Since 2017, Rescue Her has manageed their own crisis hotline that is open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Rescue Her offers an Empowerment Program which focuses on a survivors empowerment in areas like legal, community, safe enviornment, health, and independent living. Lastly, Rescue Her wants to educate you and your community. They are heavily involved in raising awareness and believe each community MUST have this basic knowledge in order to protect themselves and those around them.