A Brand Determined to Save
Future Generations

Many people believe that sex trafficking only happens to other individuals in other parts of the world, but the reality is that this crime is much more likely to happen to someone we know, including ourselves. It is important to educate & not be afraid to have this conversation with each other. Together we can make a difference, one survivor & conversation at a time.

How We Are Striving To
Be Sustainable

Our Miracle Fruit Farm

Our Miracle Fruit Farm has organic certifications for both the fruit and land. Miracle Berries are grown using no pesticides nor does the land produce toxic run off water.

Social Responsibility

Our organization believes in the basic principle of human rights. We ensure the ethical treatment of our workers. We do not condone employees to be minors or prisoners.

Giving Back to the Earth

Miracle Berry trees release 30% more oxygen than mahogany. Combined with its longevity, they are highly beneficial to the fight against climate change.