About us

A Miracle To The Skin Care Industry

The next generation skincare is here.

MY I.D. is the first company in the world to use Miracle Fruit Extract in our products due to harvesting, formulation, and fragility.

Our start

Sharing A Miracle

With over 10 years of experience of working with Miracle Berries, our founder finally created MY I.D. to develop a natural skin care that works. She strives for natural, healing skin care wihtout the gimmicks.

With the passion to share the miracle of this fruit, she created MY I.D. to give women their skin back after years of damage and aging.

our purpose

"My purpose is to give women their glowing, youthful skin back. We have suffered in the skin care industry for many years with harmful ingredients and marketing schemes.

Now is our chance to educate and to empower women in their own skin all over."

Where we are

Three in The World

Miracle Berries are only grown in three places in the world, making MY I.D. one of those growers and with the largest farm in the world.

We have over 37,000 Miracle Fruit trees wspread over 23 acres in Taiwan. A high percentge of our trees are over 20 years old and provide a wealth of berries each year.

We take pride in meeting the highest enviornmental standards through sustainability and farming. Our farm is certified organic.


How We Are Striving To Be Sustainable

Our Miracle Fruit Farm

Our Miracle Fruit Farm has organic certifications for both the fruit and land. Miracle Berries are grown using no pesticides nor does the land produce toxic run off water.

Social Responsibility

Our organization believes in the basic principle of human rights. We ensure the ethical treatment of our workers. We do not condone employees to be minors or prisoners.

Giving Back to the Earth

Miracle Berry trees release 30% more oxygen than mahogany. Combined with its longevity, they are highly beneficial to the fight against climate change.