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All About Miracle Berry

All About Miracle Berry

With the scientific name of Synsepalum Dulcificum, the Miracle Fruit is native to Africa’s Gold Coast. This berry is an integral part of the different cultures in the area. Miracle Fruit can not only be put on the skin, but eaten as well. When discovered by a French explorer, he found people often used it to sweeten their everyday foods like Kankies, an acidic cornbread and Pitto, a sour palm wine.

When eaten, this berry temporarily changes the shape of your taste buds and sends signals to the brain that sour foods are sweet. There is a glycoprotein in the fruit called Miraculin that is responsible for this effect. For example, lemons turn into lemonade and hot sauce turns into hot glazed donuts. 

When applied topically, Miracle Fruit has many benefits to the skin. The Miraculin protein in the berry contains different acids and agents that protect, smooth, and strengthen the skin.

What Benefits Does Miracle Fruit Have For Skin? 

Miracle Berry Extract possesses benefits for fine lines, dark spots, blemishes, redness, and dull looking skin. It is an all in one treatment because of the presence of palmitic acid, squalene, vitamin k1, linoleic acid, elemental silicon, polyphenols, and triterpenoids. 

Palmitic Acid
This is a fatty acid that aids in the retention of water in the skin by creating a water locking layer on the skin. 

Squalene Is an antioxidant that helps soften the skin and is a common ingredient in skin care products. It is commonly derived from shark livers or olives.

Vitamin K1
Vitamin K1 is used to aid in elasticity of the skin and can promote smooth, more youthful looking skin.

Linoleic Acid 
This acid promotes the natural shedding process of skin. This acid is responsible for calming, restoring, and fighting discoloration. 

Elemental Silicon
Silicon is not only important for crop prosperity, but it also gives skin care a smooth slip for spreadability and softening of the skin.

With a variety of polyphenols, it is difficult to find which specific ones are present in the Miracle Fruit. However, polyphenols protect the skin from sun and sun damage. They have the ability to reverse the signs of fine lines and sun spots. 

Triterpenoids are similar to polyphenols in the way we can't pinpoint which exact ones are occurring in the Miracle Fruit. Triterpenoids promote collagen production and wound healing. It has been researched that they also hold properties that can protect the skin from UV damage.

How Do We Get Miracle Berries

Miracle Fruit is a delicate and picky fruit. In order to thrive, the environment has to be perfect in all areas: humidity, wetness, and sunshine.  With thousands of trees at our farm, each tree has hundreds of berries. With each berry, they need to be hand-picked and immediately put into production. 

Once Miracle Fruit is picked, it will spoil in 24 hours. The urgency for production is very high. When the Miracle Fruit is beginning production, we must instantly get rid of the seed and begin to crush the pulp and create Miracle Fruit Extract. As our production is secret, it's a long, tedious process which makes harvesting and using Miracle Fruit a pricey endeavor.

Where We Grow Miracle Fruit Berries

There are only three farms in the world that can produce a consistent amount of Miracle Fruit. We happen to be the largest and top  producer of Miracle Berries in the world. 

We have over 37,000 Miracle Fruit trees spread over 23 acres in Taiwan. A high percentage of our trees are over 20 years old and provide a wealth of berries each year.

We take pride in meeting the highest environmental standards through sustainability and farming. Our farm is certified organic.

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