All About Miracle Berry

Miracle Fruit Berry

The fruit is native to Africa’s Gold Coast and historically integral to everyday diet for tribes spread across modern day Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria. Kankies, an acidic cornbread, Pitto, a sour palm wine, and Guddoe, a tart gruel were made delicious by the miracle fruit.

The miracle fruit was first introduced to the Western world by the French explorer Chevalier des Marchais in 1725 and have intrigued scientists around the globe ever since.

mberry bases our miracle fruit farms in Taiwan to replicate a suitable, humid environment. We use cutting edge technology to preserve the fruit’s magic entities and bring them to your door, swiftly and affordably.

What Benefits Does Miracle Fruit Have For Skin? 

Miracle Fruit Berry extract moisturizes, strengthens, and protects the skin. It contains ingredients like: palmitic acid, squalene, vitamin K1, linoleic acid, elemental silicon, polyphenosis, and triterpenoids which greatly help the skin.

The Miracle Fruit Berry extract helps counteract and repair damaged skin using many vitamins found within the berry. It can also maintain the structural integrity of skin, be an anti-inflammatory, an anti-aging agent, and be a regenerative agent.

    Where We Grow Miracle Fruit Berries

    Mature Farming

    Our miracle berries are grown across 23 acres of land in southern Taiwan, where the humidity and temperature is perfect for nurturing our trees. 

    Full Harvest

    We have over 37,000 miracle berry trees. Majority are over 20 years old and bear an abundance of beautify berries each season.


    Our farms meet the highest environment standards and are fully organic, to guarantee you experience flavor miracles as nature intended it.