Night Skin Care Routine

Night Routine

Our skin does most of the repairing and restoring when we sleep. Slap on the boosters, serums, and treatments at night.

1. Cleanser
    • Double cleanse: use a makeup wipe or cleansing oil balm first to get rid of a majority of the dirt and grime accumulated over the day, then cleanse.
    2. Toner, Essences, and Boosters
      • Our Miracle Berry Hydrating Night Essence is made to be used at night to allow complete absorption over the duration of eight hours. It's thick formulation locks in boosters applied before essences. 
      • Apply your toner as you would normally in the morning. If using an essence, apply your toner first. If you have multiple boosters, apply thin to thick. 
      • Using a toner first prepares your face to maximize the absorption of serums and essences.
      3. Eye Cream
        • Apply your eye cream before any toners to protect your eyes from the active ingredients in your treatments, serums, and peels
        4. Treatments, Serums, and Peels
          • The versatility of our Facial Treatment Set is that it can be used in your morning or night routine. The entire set can be used after applying your eye cream to protect your eye area. 
          • Choose treatments, serums, and peels based on what your skin needs immediately. Using too many different things can irritate your skin.
          • Use prescription, exfoliating, or retinol creams interchangeably, never at the same time. Exfoliating treatments should be used at a maximum of 3 times a week
          5. Moisturizer or Night Creams
            • Use specific night moisturizers. These are thicker and are designed to be absorbed throughout the night. They also prevent water evaporation throughout the night and locks in the previous steps, like a barricade for your skin.